Inside everyone of us are countless ideas!

Inside every one of us are countless ideas and every idea you have could spark a thousand different outcomes. It’s time to challenge yourself to come up with something new, to put it to work for yourself, and for SITA.

  • Ideation Matters

    Every idea counts, whether big or small.

  • From Vision to Reality

    Evolve your idea into an innovative solution.

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We know collaboration takes teamwork. How?

Because, as SITAzens, we have the potential to achieve our best when we work together across different functions and even when we collaborate with our external stakeholder.

  • Team Work

    Team work, makes the dream work

  • Partnerships

    Grab the opportunity to work together and produce innovative solutions

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We are leaving in a digital transformation era!

We live in a digital era. This means change is the only constant, and innovation is mission critical. As SITA – as SITAzens – we need new ideas to progress, and to drive the digital transformation of government.

  • Driving Transfomation

    A platform to develop solutions that thrive in the digital age

  • Intelligence

    An opportunity to develop solutions that bring intelligence

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Bring your idea to life

The SITA Smart Ideas-Solutions Challenge is not about information alone. It’s about ideas, brainstorming and getting your creative juices flowing. Get your team together as fast as you can and tackle something big or small. This is an opportunity you just don’t want to miss!

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You’ll find all the information you need right here on this site.

Browse away but remember; this is still a competition with
a closing date. You don’t want to waste too much time!

So, dazzle us with your innovative thinking!

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